About us 


In February, the Cultural Committee and the Sports Committee of the Department Of Management Studies, IIT Delhi, organizes the annual management festival of IIT Delhi, "PARIVARTAN.” True to its name, Parivartan is where we set the stage for newer seas to be explored, higher pursuits to be undertaken, and brighter ideas to be set in motion. 

Parivartan is DMS’s annual management, cultural, and sports fest. This three-day fest is an amalgamation of 25+ business, cultural, and sports events and draws footfalls of over 5000 visitors from premier B-school all across the country. The festival hosts presentations, debates, case-study contests, quizzes, cultural events, sports competitions, and many more informal events. 

Sailing Through Storms

"The strongest storms make the best sailors.

The strongest games make the best players.

Tougher challenges make the best leaders.“

                                      ―Martin Luther King, Jr

"Sailing through Storm" aptly represents our journey through the current difficult times The situation now we are facing is something that no one had imagined in the weirdest of our dreams. However, no matter what the situation is, DMS as a B School is adaptable to any situation and difficulty, and so is the most coveted cultural fest of DMS IIT Delhi, Parivartan’ 21 .This theme shows DMS IIT Delhi students' innovative nature and their resilience to withstand more formidable challenges that make them the best leaders. We conduct this fest to celebrate this particular resilient nature and attitude of not giving up .And once all this will be over and things will come back to normal, we will still be there standing upfront. Nothing can break our spirit, and Parivartan 2021 takes pride in celebrating this never- ending thirst for knowledge and innovation.

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