Salaahakaars- the Strategy and Consulting event

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Parivartan 2018 - The annual business fest of Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi presents to you Salaahakaars- the Strategy and Consulting event. This event will enable the best of minds to come together to solve a real world business problem and present your take on the same. To get the best of students to showcase their prowess, we have 3 rounds of screening before reaching the Grand Finale.

Salaahkaars event is divided into four rounds:

Round 1 - Preliminary Round

Breaking away from the monotonous online quizzes, the first round will involve solving a guesstimate. Participants will be given a half an hour window wherein, they could either share a video or send in a word document, explaining the flow of the problem given.

Date: 10:00 pm, 24th January 2018

Announcement of Result:  By 10:00 pm hrs, 25th January 2018


Round 2 - Simulation game Round

This is where things get interesting. The selected teams from round 1, will go to the simulation game round where you get to learn and experience an Online Simulation of running a business. This round is powered by our co-Sponsor- Biziga. Each team would be given a two hour window to run a business on the platform. The real time analytics data would be studied and the Top 20 teams would qualify to round 3.

Date: Starts 08:00 pm, 26th January 2018. 2 Hours to complete. Complete by 01:00 pm on 27th January 2018

Announcement of Result:  By 10:00 pm hrs, 27th January 2018


Round 3 - Case Study Round

Selected teams from the previous round will be provided with the case study. The presentations with your analysis needs to be sent in by the Top 7 teams would be selected for the grand finale.

Date: Case will be sent on 27th January post Round 2 results to the selected teams

Date of Submission: 11:59:59pm, 31st January 2018

Announcement of Result:  By 10:00 pm hrs, 01st February 2018


Round 4 - Campus Round

The Final round will happen in our campus, IIT Delhi, wherein the top 7 teams will present their analysis to our esteemed panellists and fight it out and be crowned the Ultimate Salaahkaars.

Date- 17th February 2018 at Main Building, IIT Delhi

  • There will be three online rounds, each having elimination.
  • The event is open to B-school students pursuing MBA and Engineering students.
  • The number of participants per team can be 2 or 3.
  • Any number of teams can participate from one institute.
  • No change in team structure will be entertained after registration of the team.
  • One participant cannot be a part of more than one team for this event.
  • The decisions of the organizers of the contest will be final and binding on all the participants.
  • The organizers reserve the right to any changes to the rules and regulation.

Registration Start date: 10th Jan'18, 12:00 am (IST)
Registration End date: 24th Jan'18, 6 pm (IST)
Round 1 - 10:00 pm, 24th January 2018
Round 2 – 08:00 pm, 26th January 2018- 01:00 pm on 27th January 2018
Round 3 – Submission by 11:59:59pm, 31st January 2018

1st Prize: Prizes worth Rs. 20000
2nd Prize: Prizes worth Rs. 10000

Arjun Murali- 9599790399
Snigdha Sharan-8700678639
For any queries, please mail us at

Candidates can register directly through dare2compete