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Are you crazy about advertisement?

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Are you crazy about advertisement? Trigger your ingenious minds, summon up your bizarre thoughts, and tickle your funny bones because we bring you the opportunity to make the world go awe over your prolific video making, jingle writing and logo designing skills. Change the spectrum of advertisement and make your passion run wild.

Mad Ad event is divided into three online rounds:


Are you the one who knows about every advertisement on TV? Are you the marketing guy in your class who keeps track of the best campaigns of our time? Do you aspire to make the next “Real beauty”, “Humara Bajaj” or “Just Do It”? Mad Ad appeals to all the creative minds out there which will test your advertising knowledge creativeness to build an advertising campaign of a product through an online quiz.


Teams selected for the Round 2 will be required to make a poster for their favourite brand with a suitable logo and tagline.


Finalists will require making a video ad of 30 seconds for the brand or products assigned to them.

  • There will be three online rounds, each having elimination.
  • The event is open to B-school students pursuing MBA and Engineering students.
  • The number of participants per team can be 2 or 3.
  • Any number of teams can participate from one institute.
  • No change in team structure will be entertained after registration of the team.
  • One participant cannot be a part of more than one team for this event.
  • The decisions of the organizers of the contest will be final and binding on all the participants.
  • The organizers reserve the right to any changes to the rules and regulation.

Registration Start date: 10th Jan'18, 12:00 am (IST)
Registration End date: 23th Jan'18, 11:59 pm (IST)
Round 1 - Online quiz: 24th Jan'18, 10:00 pm (IST)
Round 2 – Poster Making: 26th Jan'18, 12:00 am (IST) – 31st Jan'18, 11:59 pm (IST)
Round 3 – Video Ad Making: 1st Feb'18, 7:00 pm (IST)- 14th Feb 11:59 PM (IST)

1st Prize: Prizes worth Rs. 13000
2nd Prize: Prizes worth Rs. 7000

Meghdipa Dey-8981880041
Vishal Gayakwar- 8800314538
Sheenum Attri- 9003057630
For any queries, please mail us at

Candidates can register directly through dare2compete